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An Indepedent Bottler in An Historic Famine-Era Workhouse

From Ireland To Hong Kong and Back Again

Our Story

Deep down, Daithí O’Connell is an adventurer. His passion for culture and travel has taken him from Ireland to Australia to Hong Kong to Dubai. With decades of experience in food & beverage across three continents, Daithí’s love of Ireland and whiskey brought him back to County Waterford and our headquarters in Kilmacthomas. From our humble beginnings as an idea for a distillery to our current fast-growing indepedent bottling business, we share the love of adventure and surprise that set Daithí out on his global trek.

Our business is founded in the traditions of Irish whiskey with an eye toward a large impact on an ever-changing industry. Independent bottlers were a key part of the Irish whiskey origin story. We are excited to bring new life to that heritage, connecting old whiskey fans and newcomers to spirits they cannot get anywhere else.

Our whiskeys are best enjoyed however you like to drink them, as long as you’re with friends, sharing a story and planning your next adventure.

Our Headquarters

The Workhouse, Union Road

Kilmacthomas, County Waterford

Our Headquarters

We occupy a nearly 11,000 square foot warehouse and an adjoining Famine-Era workhouse.

The warehouse is our operations hub – cask storage, a bottling line, blending equipment and space for continued growth. We have ample outdoor space for events, parking & horseshoe-throwing.

The Workhouse is an historic building; we plan to preserve its heritage and remember those who worked there throughout the poverty-stricken 19th century. We are honored to call the space our home and will have more developmets starting in 2022.

Community is a huge part of our vision, and the vibrant and pictureque Kilmacthomas surrounds are a perfect home for us. As we develop our presence in the area, we hope to entice local traders and businesses to join us in community fairs, farmers’ markets and other events that bring families together and create memories.

The Waterford Greenway

Our Headquarters is on the Waterford Greenway, the multi-use walking and cycling route that runs from Waterford to Dungarvan. Along the route, you’ll pass through small villages and hamlets, cross over old viaducts, and enjoy scenes of the Copper Coast. It’s the currently the longest Greenway in Ireland, and runs along some of the most picturesque landscapes in the area. Grab a bike, take a hike, and come visit us along your way!


The Workhouse was the hub of the Kiilmacthomas Poor Law Union formed in 1850. It was considered the last resort for local residents who faced starvation, emigration or working in exchange for food. Conditions were poor, inmates’ health often deteriorated, and the quality of food and care the poor received was far below the quality one would expect.

We will refurbish the existing shell of a structure, and build a space that commemorates the troubling history of the Famine Era. More on this to come in 2022!


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The Workhouse, Union Road
Kilmacthomas, County Waterford

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We aren’t quite ready for visitors just yet, but we will be soon! We can’t wait to see you at our new HQ!