W.D. O’Connell

Bill Phil Single Cask

Single cask triple distilled peated single malt. 

Matured in 1st fill bourbon barrels and bottled at 47.5% ABV, non chill filtered and limited to 306 bottles. Distinctly peated, fresh charcoal bbq on the nose, revealing a sharp contrast on the pallet, creamy texture, rich malt and citrus fruit flavours coming through with a delicate smokey mellow finish.

This is the first ‘BILL PHIL’ release from W.D. O’Connell Whiskey Merchants – the beginning of a series of triple distilled, peated single malt Irish whiskeys.

Tasting Notes


Bergamot oil scented light peated smoke fills the senses. Distinctively fresh vibrant notes of cereal slowly emerge, carrying waves of poached pear, earl grey tea as the phenolic oils dissipate.
Clarified butter over crumbled biscuit with clean waves of lightly smoked malt, banana bread, sweet cassia & bergamot. 
Fresh clementine oil, whispers of smoke, applewood chips & ripe orchard fruits. 
47.55% Abv Limited to 306 bottles, Triple Distilled Peated Single Malt, Non Chill Filtered, Distillery GND 2016

The Bill Phil Sleán

The story behind the name and the name behind the story…

William Philip O’Connell (pictured) was a blacksmith in the West Limerick village of Mountcollins. There were a good many O’Connell families in the village and its surrounds so nicknames were needed to avoid confusion—and so my family became known as the Bill Phils. Bill Phil was also a farmer and a merchant storekeeper (Pictured). He was well known for making a great sleán (a tool for footing turf) My grandfather, Jackie Bill Phil followed his father into the family business and continued to make the Bill Phil Sleán. It was all coming to an end as I was growing up but I was lucky enough to hear the stories and watch the work in the forge. So when we created this peated Irish whiskey, it was almost inevitable that it too would take the name of Bill Phil.

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